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Sumatra PDF
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Screenshot / displaying a PDF file
Minor issues
Developer Krzysztof Kowalczyk, Simon B├╝nzli and William Blum
Tested release 2.2.1
Type PDF Reader
KernelEx release 4.5.2

Sumatra PDF is a slim open source PDF reader for Windows. It also displays XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR. It is very fast and displays pages with advancing resolution.


Download older versions


Installation and running

The GDIPLUS.DLL (choose the XP version) is required for version 1.2 and higher. Paste it into the system folder, if it isn't already there.

On start possible error message depending on the version "missing Export-Kernel32.dll:VerSetConditionMask". Sumatra doesn't start. Then set the comp. mode of the exe to 2K or XP.

Version 3.1 and 3.1.2 (14 August 2016)

Set comp. mode Win2000SP4 for installation and running.

Kext required:





Install version: The setup window is empty without buttons and text. In spite of that it's possible to install it. Simply press "enter" on keyboard. This means the buttons work, but they are not visible.

Probably after installation the new menu doesn't work at first and after the attempt to open it the progam will hang. Terminate Sumatra and run it once more or go to "\WINDOWS\Application Data\SumatraPDF" and open SumatraPDF-settings.txt with the editor. Set "UseTabs = true" to false.

According to initial findings printing isn't possible.

Versions 2.3.0 up to 3.0 (18 October 2014)

These versions require the DBGHELP.DLL . This file doesn't exist on Win 98SE. The XP file have to be copied into the app or the system folder.

On Win ME this file already exists, but a necessary function is missing. One possibility is to replace this file with the XP dbghelp.dll.

A second possibility for ME:

Also it works with Kext and the additional entry in the Kstub822.ini "[DBGHELP.dll] SymFromAddr=".

KernelEX must be enabled. Also printing is possible (see below).

Tabbed-browsing and UI:

If you don't like the new menu, set "use tabs" in SumatraPDF-settings.txt to false. Restart Sumatra for the changes to take effect. This brings back the menubar and the classic UI style.

Customizing SumatraPDF

Hint for 2.3.0: This release requires a processor with SSE2 instructions! Using SSE2 makes Sumatra faster. Versions 2.3.1/2 and 2.4 work with older processors like P3 (SSE) again.

Versions 2.2.1, 2.2, 1.9 and older

2.2.1 released on 12.January.2013

Download the installer or the portable version. The installer and the executable (installed or portable) need KernelEx enabled. Also printing is possible (see below).

Versions 2.0 - 2.1.1

Install KernelEx extensions Kext.

On 98SE it's needed to update the msvcrt.dll to the Win ME version or to msvcr70.dll, see VLC Media Player "Running".

Alternative method to run 2.0 and 2.1:

These versions need a newer ntdll.dll of Win XP or 2K SP4. There is a workaround on MSFN link to run Sumatra. You can use the ImportPatcher .

How to:

The ntdll.dll is located in the \I386 folder on the W2K Pro SP4 and XP installation CD-ROM. It's also possible to download it on

Portable version:

Paste the file in the Sumatra PDF program folder and rename it - Example: 9xdll.dll. Drag and Drop the Sumatra.exe on the ImportPatcher.exe. The ImportPatcher opens. Click no. The ImportPatcher generates two files (ini and log - marked with #) in the program folder. Open the ini file with the editor (NotePad) and paste 'ntdll.dll=9xdll.dll' under [DLL replacements] and save it. After that press the retry button of the ImportPatcher. A new file SumatraPD#.exe appears in the app folder, which runs. Cancel the ImportPatcher. Now you can delete the old SumatraPDF.exe and rename the new file SumatraPD#.exe to SumatraPDF.exe.

Install version:

Install it with KernelEX enabled. First you had to do the same as for the portable version, but the libmupdf.dll in the app folder must changed, too. Drag and Drop the libmupdf.dll on the ImportPatcher.exe. Click no. Open the new ini file with the editor (NotePad) and paste 'ntdll.dll=9xdll.dll' under [DLL replacements] and save it. After that press the retry button of the ImportPatcher. Delete the old libmupdf.dll and rename the new file libmupd#.dll to libmupdf.dll.

Known issues

Printing does not work for versions later than 0.8.1. Using this version with KernelEx permits printing, and provides the menus which are otherwise missing.

Printing with Sumatra 0.9 and higher:

Kext with ComDlgKs.dll installed supports printing up to version 1.9 (see the Kext topic).

Alternative method for all versions up to 2.5:

The workaround on MSFN Printing with KernelEX.

How to: Paste the downloaded ComDlgEx.dll in

a. <system> folder (for multiple apps) - Use caution!

b. app folder (for single or portable app)

Drag and Drop the Sumatra.exe (also portable is possible) on the ImportPatcher.exe. Press no. In the first step the ImportPatcher generates two files (ini and log - marked with #) in the program folder. Open the ini file with the editor (NotePad) and paste 'COMDLG32.DLL=ComDlgEx.dll' under [DLL replacements] and save it. After that (second step) press the retry button of the ImportPatcher. Then you cancel the ImportPatcher.

Explanation: A *#.* copy of every file that is walked is created, including system DLLs.

Prereleases for testing

Latest SumatraPDF pre-release 3.2.xxxx

Issues: Missing or partially missing new menu since about version

3.1.10314 (01 September 2015): The new menu works again.

Kext required: (Kernel32.dll: InitializeSListHead)

Run it with comp. mode Win2000SP4. (Kernel32.dll: VerifyVersionInfoW or VerSetConditionMask)

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