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Opera logo.png
Opera 11 running on Windows 98 SE
Minor issues
Developer Opera Software ASA
Tested release 11.64 (build 1403)
Type Web browser
KernelEx release 4.5.2
Website www.opera.com

Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by Opera Software. The browser handles common Internet-related tasks such as displaying web sites, sending and receiving e-mail messages, managing contacts, chatting on IRC, downloading files via BitTorrent, and reading web feeds. Opera is offered free of charge for personal computers and mobile phones.

The last version full supported on Windows 98/ME is 9.64 (02 March 2009). The versions 10.xx generally work stable without KernelEX, except 10.5x and 10.60. These versions have a bug on WinME/98 (Premature shutdown occurring on startup of Opera under Windows 98) This bug is fixed with version 10.61. With KernelEx you can install versions 11.00 and higher. For 98 users it is strongly recommended to update the msimg32.dll (ME version) in your system folder. Without this library, you can't correctly run Opera 9.5 and higher on Windows 98 /SE.

Download: Opera archive or Opera ftp

Installation and running

Opera 11.00 - 11.64

Run the exe installer with comp. mode Win 2000SP4 (KernelEX 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 required).

Fixed with KernelEX version 4.5.1: The old, MSI based installer is required for clean install. New installer doesn't work yet.

Versions 11.5x/11.6x run with comp. mode "default" again, but there are some issues. The menus are expanded by "&" and submenus. Running Opera 11.5x/11.6x with comp. mode Win 2000 SP4 solve the issues.

In order to run Opera 11.0x or 11.1x, you have to change compatibility mode of opera.exe to Windows 2000 SP4 otherwise Opera will report the OUniAnsi.dll file is missing and won't start.

Setting Opera 11 as default browser

To set Opera as default browser, add this file to registry. Opera must be installed in C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA.

Opera 12

Install and run Opera 12 with comp. mode Win 2000SP4 (KernelEX 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 required).


1. The plugins don't run. The new pluginwrapper fails to start on ME/98. There`s no problem to play flash videos. Opera uses the HTML5 Player instead of the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

2. It's not possible to add toolbar buttons by drag and drop. Possible is to modify the "standard_toolbar.ini" or to replace it with a customized ini file of an Opera 12beta1 or older installation. Also a standard_toolbar.ini file of Opera 11.xx should do it. Path: C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA 12\toolbar

3. Also it's not possible to add bookmarks by drag and drop to the panel. The keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+D" or "Menu Bar => Bookmarks => Bookmark Page" work.

Opera 12.02

The Windows 32-bit version has been reverted to in-process plugins, that means the plugins work for this version again.

Opera 12.10+

There is no workaround to install and run latest Opera. Now minimum requirement: Windows XP

Download for testing: Opera Snapshot up to 12.11 or Opera Next Versions 11.50 to 12.15 See Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions topic on MSFN.

Known issues

JRE doesn't work with recent releases

Java classic works up to version 10.10. There is no known workaround to run Java applets in Opera 10.50 and up on Win ME/98.

See Oracle (Sun) JRE plugin

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