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KernelEx is an Open Source compatibility layer with an aim to allow running Windows 2000/XP-only applications on Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium operating systems.

Additional information

There is no guarantee to run every application on Win ME/98. You find here on the Wiki a list with tested apps. Occurring problems can be reported here on the discussion page of the app or on MSFN > Windows 9x Member Projects > KernelEx Apps Compatibility List (New). You can leave a comment on the KernelEX Web Site without registration. Not tested apps often don't run or work partially and can cause errors.



Windows 98 or Windows Millennium in any language

Microsoft Layer for Unicode MSLU: unicows.dll (version 1.1.3790.0) 07.12.2004 and unicows.pdb (for debugging)

Install: Paste the unicows.dll in your system folder.

Download: On (zip-file) or on

Don't install an older MSLU version!

Recommended updates and dll's

Following updates aren't required to install KernelEX, but to run some more applications.

1. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 run-time for Windows 98

2. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1

3. MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (Microsoft XML Core Services)

4. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable

5. msimg32.dll for Win 98(SE) - Replace the original file.

6. GDIPLUS.DLL XP version on - Copy the dll into the system folder, if it doesn't exist.

7. DBGHELP.DLL XP version on - This file doesn't exist on Win 98(SE). Copy the dll into the (SumatraPDF)app or system folder.

8. winhttp.dll XP version - Copy the dll into the system folder.

9. msvcrt.dll (see VLC Media Player "Running")

Compatibility settings with KernelEx

Installing programs

In individual cases it is necessary to fake the OS version or to modify a msi installer.


It is recommended to make backups. Restore the system, if something goes wrong.

It has happened that WinME/98 isn't bootable anymore (windows protection error). It's possible to restore the registry with scanreg.exe. Boot the PC from the startup disk (Emergency Boot Disk (EBD)). At DOS Prompt (F5) change direction from A: to C:. Type: C:\windows\Command\scanreg /restore. Select the previous registry you want to restore. Now windows should boot again.

The number of the backup copies can be increased, if needed. Open the scanreg.ini with the editor and look for MaxBackupCopies=5. 5 is the default number.

Another possibility is to boot in Safe Mode. CTRL key => Startup menu => choose Safe Mode

Try to undo the changes or uninstall the program that caused the problem.

Read the KernelEX topic on MSFN, too.

Verifying of KernelEX

Any time you can check, if KernelEX works properly. Startmenu > KernelEX > Verify installation

Verify installation.png

KernelEx topics on MSFN



KernelEX 4.5.2

Alternative link: KernelEX 4.5.2

Kext: registration required

Alternative link: Kstub822

Kext Installation:

- extract Kstub822.dll and Kstub822.ini to KernelEx folder (C:\WINDOWS\KernelEx)

- modify contents= line in Core.ini to read: contents=Kstub822,std,kexbases,kexbasen

- upon reboot it will take effect

And read the Kext topic on MSFN.

Help for KernelEx Wiki users

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