KernelEx v4.5.2 released

By , November 14, 2011 22:59

Hi there!

This is a maintenance release to allow running the recently released official Mozilla Firefox 8.0 build.
Greets to aceman and felicitas for discovering the nature of the problem which prevented it from working.
What is not working yet: recently visited addresses, history and bookmarks.

KernelEx enters the dark world of VMM and kernel drivers.
In this release KernelEx doesn’t make any modifications to system files on disk.
Instead all patching is done on-the-fly in memory, while the system is performing the startup via a specialized driver.

Please report if you find any problems with copy protection-engines – like SecuROM, SafeDisc etc. that you didn’t have in v4.5.1.

What’s new:

  • Added KernelEx Virtual Device (VKrnlEx.vxd) project which makes modification of kernel32.dll file on disk unnecessary by patching the image directly in memory from kernel space before the shell starts
  • Implemented a fix for a crash occuring when accessing a locked file through file mapping object
  • Some programs shouldn’t complain about not having admin privileges anymore
  • Various bugfixes

Apps fixed / now working:

  • Now working: Mozilla Firefox 8.0

You can download the new release here.

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