Opera 11.50 Compatible with KernelEx

By , June 28, 2011 18:03

Hi, just to let you know…
The latest version of the popular Opera browser released a couple of hours ago, Opera 11.50, appears to be still working properly under Windows 9x thanks to KernelEx 4.5.1, including Adobe Flash 10.3 support.

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  1. What a pity that the project will be discontinued, it was because of KernelEx I’m now using my favorite browser, Opera 11.50. Still not going to complain that this project will be discontinued, but I congratulate for this project have existed, the KernelEx. Congratulations to the developer, and now I hope that future versions of Opera is compatible with Windows 98 because of KernelEx. Congratulations again to the developer of this magnificent project.

    • NMHTS says:

      Where did you hear that the project will be discontinued?

      • “Sorry for long wait folks. Unfortunately I have to confirm what some of you might have already suspected. The development of KernelEx has stalled. The release you see here is an almost unmodified version from February. I have decided to finally release it so that the work which has been done is not completely lost and so that you could benefit from it”

        Link> http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/2011/05/kernelex-v4-5-1-released/

        • NMHTS says:

          I thought stalled meant that it wouldn’t be updated for a while, so it might be just a long delay. If he doesn’t come back, however, the community is very active for 9x. I’m sure someone might pick up the project.

  2. How do I install Flash Player? I’m not getting.

    • RP says:

      It should install cleanly. Go to adobe dot com.
      Click downloads. Click “Get ADOBE FLASH PLAYER”
      image in the right hand corner.

      Step 1 – Select an Operating System
      Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003

      For IE,
      Step 2 – Select a Version
      Flash Player 10.3 for Windows Internet Explorer

      For Mozilla Firefox or Opera
      Step 2 – Select a Version
      Flash Player 10.3 for Windows – Other browsers

      Download now
      Install it accepting the license terms

      Note that 10.3 will not work on older cpu’s.
      This is mentioned in the MSFN forum thread
      by “loblo” in post #1296.If you select “Other”
      for “Select an operating system”, and then
      select “Archived versions for older operating
      systems” for “Select a Version, it should take
      you to older versions.

      PS “stalled” and “discontinued” are different.

      • I installed the version 10.1, but the quality of the videos are bad, they are catching, just the sound is good, also noticed that the CPU is at 100% when I run a video. Do you have any solution?

        Settings on my machine:
        > Windows 98SE
        > 128MB of RAM
        > Pentium II (233 MHz)

        • RP says:

          I don’t. My 500Mhz machine was struggling with the last Flash 9 versions before it failed. Posts in the official MSFN thread mention some utilities which add support for missing instructions: FineSSE, P6CPU, P3CPU etc. They only seem to be available from the MSFN forum.

          • Thanks for responding. Apparently the Flash Player just for me :( .I hope it is soon replaced as the Flash Player only disturbs people’s lives, or rather the operating system, especially the older ones.

        • Joe says:

          Pentium II is probably going to be way too slow and doesn’t support enough newer technologies to be viable for running the latest version of flash. Upgrading to a socket 370 P-III or Celeron with a slocket adapter might help a little but probably still won’t be a complete solution to all issues. I definitely don’t recommend running it if it’s maxing out your CPU to 100% and holding it there for extended periods. Your CPU won’t last very long if you keep doing that.

  3. Rodrigoter says:

    Hello Xeno! Please don´t discontinue the project…! :( The users of old pcs that not have too much money to buy a new one loves that, because we can continue using the pcs!
    Please, don´t do it! Keep the project still working! We can help you…

    Excuse me for my poor english!

    Greetings and thanks from Argentina!!

  4. Kelvin Twister says:

    Rodigoter agree with you, such a project could not be discontinued, my humble Windows 98 using the KernelEx makes miracles, my preferred browser is Opera had to stop in version 10.63 and now thanks to Xeno I can use the current version (11.50). Sorry also for my poor English because I am Brazilian and I use the Google translator to write here:)

  5. NMHTS says:

    Let’s not lose hope, there’s gotta be SOMEONE with skills as advanced as Xeno’s to continue the project! ;D

  6. Kelvin Twister says:

    I bring a great news here, as I am a fan of Opera Browser I just test your new version (12.00), however is in the testing phase and has some bugs and crashes but works perfectly thanks to KernelEx. :)

    > http://www.brimg.info/uploads/3/c9587c5223.jpg

  7. Gary Welles says:

    How does one install v11.50? I’m stuck at v11.01, with all efforts to install later verisions met with “Opera has failed to access or upgrade your profile.” — Tks

    • Kelvin Twister says:

      Download Opera 11.50, use 7-Zip to unzip the installer, you will see a new folder (you can rename it and place it in the Program Files folder), then open the folder and click the right mouse button in opera.exe, click the KernelEx and put it in compatibility mode for Windows 2000 SP4.

      • Gary Welles says:

        Uninstalling Opera v11.01, emptying the Opera directory before moving in the v11.50 file extracted with Z-zip, I manged a new error – “Failed to load Opera.DLL becauce one of the library files needed to run the application cannot be found.” Other efforts extracting with 7-Zip produced the familiar “access or upgrade your profile” error.

        • Kelvin Twister says:

          Uninstall Opera 11.01, then go to C:\WINDOWS\Application Data folder and delete the Opera. Then download the Opera 11.50 to make the procedures that I wrote above.

          NOTE: When unpacking the installer see if it has a file called opera.dll (it may be hidden).

          • Gary Welles says:

            I removed Opera files from Program Files, Application Data, and a once used Windows\Profiles directory. Still “access or upgrade your profile” error. I’m suspecting it may reflect a timeout when Opera first initializes that profile. My 200 Mhz CPU is a bit slow. So I may try installing on a friends faster machine and copying the stucture. I’m further along thank to your help.

  8. Gary Welles says:

    I remove Opera files from Program Files, Application Data, and a once used Windows\Profiles directory. Still “access or upgrade your profile” error. I’m suspecting it may reflect a timeout when Opera first initializes that profile. My 200 Mhz CPU is a bit slow. So I may try installing on a friends faster machine and copying the stucture. I’m further along thank to your help.

    • Kelvin Twister says:

      That must be it, the minimum requirements to run the Opera is 233MHz and 128MB of RAM.

      • Gary Welles says:

        Fixed, by using 7Zip to extract Opera v11.52 setup.exe to a drive in another harddisk partition. Running Opera.exe from that partition it updated the configuration on C: drive. Apparently my slow system was giving Opera fits reading and writing to the same partition. Also my SCSI drives may be a special case.

      • Gary Welles says:

        Uncheck “Remember content on visted pages” in Preferences, Advanced, History kept Opera from overloading my 200MHz system.

  9. Erich Aseltine says:


    I am using a Dell Inspiron 1 GHz/256 MB RAM, and this product is amazing! I like Opera 11.5, however, Firefox 3.6 is very, very fast on this machine. Explorer 6 is not as good as those two Browsers, it is too old.

    Thank you!

  10. Rodrigoter says:

    The new version of Mozilla 3.6.20 is very very fast with Kernelex!!!! Its really surprise me!
    Here I let a web site that can be of the interest of you. A modified version of Windows 98, with NEW service packs. It´s are running great on mi PC!!!

  11. Aaron says:

    I hope this project continues. It’s the only hope for Windows 9x users who can’t afford a new computer.

    Right now I have Opera 11.11 install on my Windows ME computer with 866Mhz cpu and 384 MB Ram, and it works great! This is probably the best internet browser I have EVER had on this computer. Everything works flawlessly.

    I used to use Seamonkey and K-meleon the most. But now I’m hooked on Opera 11. Its fast!

    Thanks Xeno for your work.

  12. Jose Antonio Senna says:

    Did anyone try coolPDFreader with kernelex ?
    For me, it almost runs: opens its window,
    open menus, closes OK, but does not shows
    the .pdf files (they do exist). O/S: Win 98
    machines: P I-133 & P II-333. I installed
    gdiplus.dll on both, without any error message
    Link to the program: http://www.pdf2exe.com/reader.html

  13. Tony says:

    I use Opera 11.51 but the problem was the same with previous Operas and Kernelex 4.5+. If Opera is not running I can click on an internet link or enter it on the command line and opera will retrieve it perfectly. If Opera is running and I click on the same link or enter on a command line I get:
    OPERA caused a general protection fault
    in module USER.EXE at 0017:00001150.
    EAX=00000001 CS=16d7 EIP=00001150 EFLGS=00000202
    EBX=00710001 SS=6e97 ESP=00006a58 EBP=00006a62
    ECX=0000001f DS=167f ESI=0000ffff FS=43ef
    EDX=00016e97 ES=0000 EDI=0000016f GS=0000

    I am using the Win2000 SP4 option. Any ideas?

    • Roberto says:

      Why would you use Kernelex on a Windows 2000 Machine?
      Windows 2000 does not need Kernelex to run Opera.

    • RP says:

      ‘ivanbuto’ noted this problem on Sept 4 post #1332 in the “Official MSFN Forum thread”. A link to this is on KernelEx homepage.

      I also set Opera 11.51 to Kex’s Win2000 SP4 option.

      OPERA caused a general protection fault
      in module USER.EXE at 0018:0000115e.
      EAX=00000001 CS=171f EIP=0000115e EFLGS=00000202
      EBX=00710001 SS=36a7 ESP=00006a58 EBP=00006a62
      ECX=00000021 DS=16c7 ESI=0000ffff FS=1117
      EDX=000136a7 ES=0000 EDI=00000187 GS=0000
      Bytes at CS:EIP:
      26 8b 47 02 26 8b 57 04 89 56 fa f6 c4 01 75 28
      Stack dump:
      01b71117 00019919 6a820000 000113f3 01870000
      01871117 25df0000 ffffffff bff9b544 bff7280f
      6ad013e0 01b70028 36e70000 00000001 0000ffff

      • Tony says:

        Thanks! Misery loves company, I guess. I wish there were a more coordinated way to track issues with Kernelex. There seem to be at least three or four places where Kernelex is discussed.

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