KernelEx v4.5.1 released

By , May 7, 2011 11:07

Hi there!

Sorry for long wait folks. Unfortunately I have to confirm what some of you might have already suspected. The development of KernelEx has stalled. The release you see here is an almost unmodified version from February. I have decided to finally release it so that the work which has been done is not completely lost and so that you could benefit from it.

This is mainly a bug fix release with an addition of new feature for developers who want to hack around KernelEx and Windows APIs.
The update brings mainly fixes for Opera 11 and GTK application users but as usual the fixes might also help other applications.
Developers can now experiment with monitoring or filtering APIs on-the-fly in single applications without affecting the entire system.

What’s new:

  • New KernelEx API Hook infrastructure for developers
  • Various bugfixes

Apps fixed / now working:

  • New Opera 11 non-MSI installer now works
  • Fixed download numbers in Opera 11 not being displayed properly
  • Fixed missing checkboxes in GTK applications – Pidgin and GIMP among others
  • Fixed Google Earth 5.2 installation on non-english systems

Please note that Opera 11 auto-update doesn’t currently work, so you have to perform the updates manually.

You can download the new release here.

31 Responses to “KernelEx v4.5.1 released”

  1. RP says:

    WARN: It appears that KernelEx 4.5.1 is not setup for proper operation of Opera. Opera will complain about missing OUniAnsi.DLL. This is a known issue. Simply set Opera’s Properties on the KernelEx tab to:

    “Use specific compatibility mode”:
    “Windows 2000 SP4″

    Unfortunately, manually adding the registry keys changed by the KernelEx tab will not activate Opera anymore. This could be a problem if one needs to activate any software manually. I.e., this does not work anymore:



    “C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE”=dword:00000000

    TIP: If you’re importing favorites from IE6, make sure IE6 is running first. Opera will imported them as organized in IE6.

    SAFETY: You may wish to disable certain Opera features, such as Opera Unite. Enter into the webaddress bar:


    This will pull up Opera’s Preferences Editor. Disable the following. They’ll come up when you search for “UPnP”, “Webserver”, and “Unite”. You’ll need to click “save” button to save.

    UPnP Enabled
    UPnP Service Discovery Enabled
    Webserver Always On
    Webserver Used
    Enable Unite
    Restart Unite Services After Crash

    RAMDISK: If you wish to redirect opera to use a ramdisk, you’ll need to modify the following directories and save the following. The “save” button will be way down the page for each.


    FILE ASSOCIATIONS: If you’re having problems associating applications with Opera 11.xx and KernelEx 4.5 or 4.51, the following registry keys from Opera 10.63 will correct most of them. Long lines may have wrapped in the post. [ to ] should be on one line. Unwrap them before adding to your registry. You may have to use “Folder Options” and “File Types” to fix up any remaining issues.


    ; Double click on this file from Explorer to automatically
    ; undo these deletions or modifications and return the values to the registry.



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"






    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"




    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"



    @=”\”C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\OPERA\\OPERA.EXE\” \”%1\”"

    • CharlesF says:

      IMO, you can still import manually the registry keys,
      but you have to reboot in order that it takes effect.

      In your reg code, the lines:
      ; Double click on this file from Explorer to automatically
      ; undo these deletions or modifications and return the values to the registry.
      seems to be useless.

      • RP says:

        Those lines are automatically output from Win98′s Regedit.exe. Opera 11.11 seems to only accept about eight lines instead of almost all of them for 11.01.

        BTW, you mentioned some problems on MSFN. I don’t have an account there yet. So, have you updated with files from MGDX’s website? E.g., SESP30B4.EXE Win98 updates, NUSB33E.EXE native USB driver, and/or USB20DRV.EXE experimental USB driver.

      • RP says:

        I replied to this, but it’s apparently waiting for moderation since I posted links to MGDX’s website.

        I’ll repeat. Those lines in the reg code are from RegClean.exe. If the other post eventually posts, You’ll see that I incorrectly stated that they were from RegEdit.exe. The reg keys were from Opera 10.63 and mostly worked for Opera 11.01, but only a few work for Opera 11.11.

        I also asked if you have updated Win98 since you expressed that you are having problems in MSFN forums, and now here with VLC. I don’t have an account with MSFN.

        Not mentioned in the other post, I’m using:
        VLC 1.1.9
        Opera 11.11
        Mozilla Firefox 3.5.19, 3.6.17
        Adobe Flash for IE and non-IE
        Java Update 1.6.0_25 (with known limitations)

        Have you updated with SESP30B4.EXE, NUSB33E.EXE, and/or USB20DRV.EXE? They are all on MGDX’s site. SESP30B4 is Windows update package. NUSB33E (NUSB v3.3 English) is native USB drivers. USB20DRV is experimental USB 2.0 drivers. They are all on MGDX’s upd98me.php page.

        FYI, I didn’t mention this in the other post either, but USB20DRV downgrades one file from NUSB33E, at least based on version numbers. I’m not sure if that is intentional or not. I installed the other file manually. I’m not sure it that will cause a problem…

        • JL says:

          opera 11.5 bug in some menu from toolbar with css class maybe ! the menu window isn’t in whole but mani under windows or under-small menu and need many clickto find F12

  2. Stephen says:

    I d/l the version 4.5.1 of KernalEx as I wanted to use VLC 1.1.9. I installed it and then ran the instaltion programme. I had an error vlc cache. Kernalex.dll 16f. The instalation was terminated. I also tried to install an XPcodec pack and had the same error. I am running another machine with Win98se on it and that was where the errors occured.Prior to the instalation of Kernalex I did install the unicows.dll Is it a bug.

  3. CharlesF says:

    KernelEx is not suppose to allow any program to run with Windows 9x ;)
    For VLC, some people are able to run the last version, but I was never able to use newer than 1.0.3.

  4. Jobert says:

    I get a kexcom.dll error in Windows Media Player 9 when I play any kind of MP3 music file. Uninstalling KernelEx fixes this problem but this is really annoying as I need to uninstall KernelEx just to listen to my favorite MP3 music tracks then reinstall it to use Firefox 3.6!

    • CharlesF says:

      It will be easier to find help on the main Forum thread:

      Have you checked if your WMP9 is still in the default compatibility (= first option of ther tab)?

      Otherwise, you may try to reinstall WMP, or to upgrade it with the ‘Unofficial Windows Media Player 9 Update Rollup Pack’:
      or ’98MP10′:


    • CharlesF says:

      You would more easily find help, at the ‘Official MSFN Forum thread’ (address at the top of the right side of this page).

      You may try to reinstall WMP, or to upgrade it with the ‘Unofficial Windows Media Player 9 Update Rollup Pack’ (on ERPMan’ site).

      • CharlesF says:

        BTW, have you checked if your WMP9 is still in the default compatibility (= first option of KernelEx tab)?

      • Jobert says:

        I still get this OMFG stupid error whenever I do the following:

        1. Set default or any other compatibility mode
        2. Disable KernelEx extensions
        3. Reinstalling WMP9

        WMP6 never get this stupid error and I don’t really need so much bells and whistles in WMP9.

    • Robert says:

      Go to wmplayer.exe right click for properties
      select the KernelEx tab check Disable KernelEx extensions Apply.
      Try playing a MP3 Let us know if this works.
      Alternatively Media player classic & VLC V1.1.9 the self install
      zip version works with KernelEx can both play mp3 files & more.

  5. Rodarg says:

    Muchas muchas gracias desde Argentina!! Una maravilla poder seguir usando viejas computadoras para navegar y leer el correo!!

    • Neumann says:

      Otro Argentino! jaja ya somos dos :D

      • Rodrigoter says:

        Tal cual! Los argentinos “lo atamo´ con alambre”… Yo te escribo desde una Pentium 2! jajaja! Una lástima que el tipo diga que lo va a discontinuar…
        Un abrazo!

  6. Kelvin Twister says:

    Que pena que o KernelEx será descontinuado :( . Instalei o Opera 11.50 e está funcionando perfeitamente por causa do KernelEX, um projeto desse não poderia ser descontinuado, mesmo assim parabéns para o(s) desenvolvedor(es) desse magnifico projeto.

  7. Isica says:

    Please make a tool for the global on/off KernelEx without rebooting the OS.

  8. Isica says:

    >”New KernelEx API Hook infrastructure for developers ”
    Where can I read more about this?

  9. quit says:

    i got the kernel Ex 4.51 but I dont know what directory to install it to. same for UNICOWS.dll….anybody

  10. quit says:

    Oh im trying to run flash on my 98 se machine. I think I can do it but I need some help

  11. quit says:


    • RP says:

      1) Unicows is in C:\Windows\System on my system. It’s probably fine in a few other system directories.
      2) KernelEx should just be click on the .exe and it installs cleanly. I recommend enabling KernelEx for all apps. Prior to that, I recommend uninstalling all prior versions completely including their KernelEx settings. Some of those settings are bad for new KernelEx.
      3) For flash, see my response in “Opera 11.50 Compatible with KernelEx” to Kelvin Twister.
      4) You’ll probably get better results to queries on the MSFN forum.

      • RP says:

        Oh, is that a fresh install of 98SE?
        If so, you’ll probably need to install
        some other software updates first.
        Read all of my comments in “KernelEx v4.5 Final released” for most of them.

  12. h556677 says:

    KernelEx-4-5-1 +pcad2006 pcb.exe mouse BUGS!!!

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