KernelEx v4.5 RC 5 released

By , November 3, 2010 00:11

So here it is. RC5 released. Fixes most of reported problems and further enhances compatibility with NT-only applications. Enjoy!

What’s new:

  • KernelEx should now work better with Windows 95 shell
  • Fixed stability issues with GDI anti-leaking code

Apps fixed / now working:

  • Fixed: often crashed on closing
  • Fixed: VLC 1.1.x crashed on DVD playback on windows 98 shell
  • Fixed: MAME insufficient memory error
  • Fixed: Inkscape 0.47 invisible save dialog problem
  • Fixed: Foxit Reader 3 resource leaks and random scrolling crashes
  • Fixed: Opera crashed in ‘Windows 2000′ mode when trying to save file
  • Fixed: Qt4 apps not showing interface fonts
  • Fixed: AkelPad had broken national input
  • Fixed: Easy Assembler Shell installer crash
  • Now working: Media Player Classic Home Cinema rev 2374+
  • Now working: MS Office 2003 Word/Excel + Viewers (experimental)
  • Now working: MS Office 2007 converters [docx only] (experimental)

You can download the new release here.

15 Responses to “KernelEx v4.5 RC 5 released”

  1. Nox says:


  2. RP says:

    I’m still having problems with Mozilla Firefox.

    I decided to try another browser. I tried Chrome on RC4 but couldn’t get it to install. After reading some browser reviews, I decided to try Opera. It works great! It’s very fast. I’ve not seen any problems with it. It does need a few preferences changed to work well. It also needs the new Java plugin. So, Java doesn’t work. Firefox 3.5.x does work with Java.

    I’ve not seen any of the Firefox issues:
    No graphics corruptions. No file corruptions. No systray icon corruptions. No slow redraws. No random lockup with video. No random hangs. No random crashes.


  3. RP says:

    That’s Opera 10.63 build 3516 with Kex RC5.

  4. JC95 says:

    RP -> Actually Opera works well natively, it does not need KernelEX.

    To authors of KernelEX: Thanks a lot! This is great!

  5. ZCW says:

    I like the idea of KernelEx very much. It is very unfortunate that it doesn’t work.

    I run Windows 98 SE and I wanted to try the latest version, 1.1.5, of VLC (the VLC site recommended KernelEx) because there are some performance issues with the version of VLC, 0.8.6i, that I have. But,
    when I try to play a DVD the video portion is a mess. The old version of VLC hangs and hangs Windows with it. I have to remove KerlnelEx to get the old version of VLC to run again.

  6. Xeno says:

    VLC 0.8.6i works exactly the same way with and without KernelEx installed – movie doesn’t play through DVD menu, no hangs noticed.

  7. RP says:

    KernelEx allows MS CalcPlus to work.

    This page shows what CalcPlus is supposed to look like.

    When it’s on the skinned version, half of the bottom row gets cut off.

    When it’s on the classic version, it’s missing the classic red, blue, purple colors. It’s all black lettering and numbering.

  8. DavidT says:

    Thanks for recommending Opera 10.63.3516 for W98SE.
    Where can I download the portable English version of Opera 10.63?
    My preferred site, has already switched to Opera 11 and I have not been able to find 10.63 archived.

  9. RP says:

    Direct Link for Window’s versions

    The usual procedure is to go to You attempt to download the current Opera from the Browsers tab not the main screen. Then, select “more options” link. That will allow you to select “show other versions” and the operating system. If you select Windows, you get the link above which has from 9.27 to 11.00 and a link “Opera archive” to even older versions.

    • DavidT (98SE fan) says:

      I found the English only version at the download link (Opera_1063_en_Setup.exe).
      It is the installer version that can not be unzipped to see individual files before install.
      I wonder what the installer is going to do to my fragile 98SE machine?
      The version has its detractors also.
      Recently, has started hashing the file names to random single digit characters in the zipped installer archive file.
      This is not very helpful to those who prefer to install by simply unzipping rather than trusting their machine to some installer (even if it is just a PortableApp file copy type installer).
      It is as if has turned to obfuscation.
      One step forward, two steps back.
      My off topic rant has now concluded.
      Happy new year!

  10. Xeno says:

    Take a look here: although I haven’t tried this so can’t tell if it’s genuine.

    • DavidT says:

      Thanks Zeno!
      The link at is to Rackspace server:
      I will try Opera 10.63.3516 on Win98SE per RP (Nov 14) and JC95 (Nov 17) statements above, if it requires KernelEx or not?
      Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas!

      • RP says:

        Opera 10.63 doesn’t require Kernelex.
        But, some features are unavailable without it.
        For the additional features, you should set
        Kernelex compatibility to: Windows 2000 SP4

        BTW, why did comment #33 from me get “moderated”?

        • Xeno says:

          Nothing was moderated. It is just WordPress settings being strict about too many links in a single comment.

          • RP says:

            Ok. Thanks.

            On MSFN, Xeno said:

            “C:\WINDOWS\SYSBCKUP\KERNEL32.DLL so it won’t be accidentally deleted by cleanup tools or user.”

            FYI, SYSBCKUP is a bad location, at least for me… For over a decade, I’ve deleted everything that ends up there except for scanregw cabs.

            It’d probably be safer to leave the original in WINDOWS\SYSTEM, just renamed.

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