KernelEx v4.5.2 released

By , November 14, 2011 22:59

Hi there!

This is a maintenance release to allow running the recently released official Mozilla Firefox 8.0 build.
Greets to aceman and felicitas for discovering the nature of the problem which prevented it from working.
What is not working yet: recently visited addresses, history and bookmarks.

KernelEx enters the dark world of VMM and kernel drivers.
In this release KernelEx doesn’t make any modifications to system files on disk.
Instead all patching is done on-the-fly in memory, while the system is performing the startup via a specialized driver.

Please report if you find any problems with copy protection-engines – like SecuROM, SafeDisc etc. that you didn’t have in v4.5.1.

What’s new:

  • Added KernelEx Virtual Device (VKrnlEx.vxd) project which makes modification of kernel32.dll file on disk unnecessary by patching the image directly in memory from kernel space before the shell starts
  • Implemented a fix for a crash occuring when accessing a locked file through file mapping object
  • Some programs shouldn’t complain about not having admin privileges anymore
  • Various bugfixes

Apps fixed / now working:

  • Now working: Mozilla Firefox 8.0

You can download the new release here.

Opera 11.50 Compatible with KernelEx

By , June 28, 2011 18:03

Hi, just to let you know…
The latest version of the popular Opera browser released a couple of hours ago, Opera 11.50, appears to be still working properly under Windows 9x thanks to KernelEx 4.5.1, including Adobe Flash 10.3 support.

KernelEx v4.5.1 released

By , May 7, 2011 11:07

Hi there!

Sorry for long wait folks. Unfortunately I have to confirm what some of you might have already suspected. The development of KernelEx has stalled. The release you see here is an almost unmodified version from February. I have decided to finally release it so that the work which has been done is not completely lost and so that you could benefit from it.

This is mainly a bug fix release with an addition of new feature for developers who want to hack around KernelEx and Windows APIs.
The update brings mainly fixes for Opera 11 and GTK application users but as usual the fixes might also help other applications.
Developers can now experiment with monitoring or filtering APIs on-the-fly in single applications without affecting the entire system.

What’s new:

  • New KernelEx API Hook infrastructure for developers
  • Various bugfixes

Apps fixed / now working:

  • New Opera 11 non-MSI installer now works
  • Fixed download numbers in Opera 11 not being displayed properly
  • Fixed missing checkboxes in GTK applications – Pidgin and GIMP among others
  • Fixed Google Earth 5.2 installation on non-english systems

Please note that Opera 11 auto-update doesn’t currently work, so you have to perform the updates manually.

You can download the new release here.

KernelEx v4.5 Final released

By , December 30, 2010 01:49

The wait is finally over. KernelEx 4.5 has now gone final, which means this is the new stable release.
Because of the stability fixes it is a recommended update for 4.5 beta and RC users.

Check out our new Wiki. The wiki, and in particular its compatibility database requires your help to grow into something bigger and more useful. After free registration anyone can add new entries, but new users will be required to enter captcha code on every edit, to reduce spam problem.

What’s new:

  • Reworked installer (should be more compatible with kernel32 updates)
  • New welcome screen
  • Fixed stability of extended TLS code
  • Fixed hang issues with printers
  • Added Windows Installer compatibility database for MSI files patching

Apps fixed / now working:

  • Fixed: Foxit Reader 3.1 drag-and-drop crash
  • Fixed: Qt 4.6+ hotkey issues
  • Fixed: Opera 11 ‘about:’ pages
  • Fixed: Firefox displaying file save dialog twice
  • Fixed: caret not showing on some configurations (Opera)
  • Now working: Google Earth 5.2 (6.0 beta experimentally)

This release includes new feature to ease installation of MSI format packages that contain a check for Windows NT system.
This feature uses a database which means it won’t magically work for all MSI files at once, it rather needs adding an entry for each and every MSI file.
Currently the database includes entries for Microsoft Word Viewer 2003, Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003, Microsoft Office 2007 File Format Converters, Google Earth 5.1, 5.2 and Adobe Reader 7.0 (all english versions only!).

You can download the new release here.

Opera 11 compatible with KernelEx

By , December 16, 2010 21:34

We’re proud to announce that Opera 11 which was released today is working with KernelEx 4.5 RC 5 under all supported systems. There are minor problems such as not being able to set it as default system browser or download sizes not displayed correctly, but main functions including printing do work properly.

For more information refer to wiki.

KernelEx v4.5 RC 5 released

By , November 3, 2010 00:11

So here it is. RC5 released. Fixes most of reported problems and further enhances compatibility with NT-only applications. Enjoy!

What’s new:

  • KernelEx should now work better with Windows 95 shell
  • Fixed stability issues with GDI anti-leaking code

Apps fixed / now working:

  • Fixed: often crashed on closing
  • Fixed: VLC 1.1.x crashed on DVD playback on windows 98 shell
  • Fixed: MAME insufficient memory error
  • Fixed: Inkscape 0.47 invisible save dialog problem
  • Fixed: Foxit Reader 3 resource leaks and random scrolling crashes
  • Fixed: Opera crashed in ‘Windows 2000′ mode when trying to save file
  • Fixed: Qt4 apps not showing interface fonts
  • Fixed: AkelPad had broken national input
  • Fixed: Easy Assembler Shell installer crash
  • Now working: Media Player Classic Home Cinema rev 2374+
  • Now working: MS Office 2003 Word/Excel + Viewers (experimental)
  • Now working: MS Office 2007 converters [docx only] (experimental)

You can download the new release here.

KernelEx v4.5 RC 4 released

By , September 21, 2010 18:47

This new release is supposed to cure critical issues present in two previous release candidate releases as well as improve compatibility with Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

What’s new:

  • Fixed: missing background colors and images in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9/3.6.10
  • Fixed: MSIMG32 warning and menu icon transparency issues in Opera 10.62
  • Fixed: crashes introduced in RC 3
  • KernelEx auxiliary libraries weren’t loaded when full path to system file was passed in call to LoadLibary

RC 2 and RC 3 pulled down

By , September 10, 2010 20:55

Given recent crash reports with RC 2 and RC 3 I have decided to pull down those releases until these issues are resolved.

Please downgrade to RC 1. Sorry for inconvenience.

KernelEx v4.5 RC 3 released

By , September 9, 2010 23:53

Unfortunately, last release  has a bug that could cause bootup system crashes on certain configurations. This is a hotfix release that only fixes mentioned bug. It is recommended to update from RC 2.

In case you already have this problem and can’t start the system to uninstall that release, start the system in Safe Mode and uninstall KernelEx 4.5 RC 2 from there.

You can download the new release here.

KernelEx v4.5 RC 2 released

By , September 8, 2010 22:51

Okay, here comes a new release. This time this is mostly fixes existing bugs.

What’s new:

  • Implemented SysLink common control class
Apps fixed / now working:
  • Fixed: Google Picasa options dialog (empty tabs)
  • Fixed: Adobe Flash Player crashes (reported by mailcat via forum)
  • Fixed: Adobe Flash Player 10.1 volume control
  • Fixed: Wizard101 game crash (bug #3041092)
  • Fixed: Maxthon browser (freezing)
  • Now working: Maxthon 1.6.7
  • Now working: VLC 1.1.2 (without RP9)

You can download the new release here.

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